A Better Hot Dog in Every Hand

We’re making big changes to our hot dogs. No artificial preservatives in all of our meat, no added nitrates and nitrites*, and no by-products. And our Hotdoggers are spreading the news.

*Except those naturally occurring in celery juice

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Our Hotdoggers are on the move, on a mission to put our hot dogs in every hand across the nation. Tell us why the WIENERMOBILE should visit you using #ForTheLoveofHotDogs and #Contest. Click here for rules!
Did You Know
The first WIENERMOBILE was created in 1936 by Carl Mayer.
Did You Know
The 1952 WIENERMOBILE has been living for years in the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan (and in our hearts forever, obviously).
Did You Know
The 1969 WIENERMOBILE model featured Ford Thunderbird taillights, a Chevy motor home frame and averaged 187 smiles per gallon.
Did You Know
Six different WIENERMOBILES are driving across the U.S. at any given time.

Hotdoggers Wanted

Have you always dreamed of working with hot dogs? Well, look no further. All of your hot dog dreams just came true. We could say “drivers wanted,” but what we really mean is WIENERMOBILE navigators ready to deliver unlimited joy to thousands of people every single day. 

Wienermobile Gear

Wear your WIENERMOBILE gear with pride! We’ve got caps, t-shirts, toys and even more.

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Get the WIENERMOBILE on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Our app features a 360° driving game plus updates on the location of closest WIENERMOBILE to you. There’s even a tool to add a WIENERMOBILE doodle to any of your photos.