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Making Moves Across the Country

We’re making big changes to our hot dogs. We removed the added nitrates and nitrites*, said goodbye to by-products, and got rid of all the artificial preservatives in our meat. So we’re spreading the news. Our Hotdoggers have set out on a mission across the country in the WIENERMOBILE. And they’re taking the new ‘dogs with them. See the journey unfold on Instagram. Who else has done this? No one. But then again, what else would you expect from Oscar Mayer?


*Except those naturally occurring in celery juice


Our Hotdoggers are on the move, on a mission to put our hot dogs in every hand across the nation. Tell us why the WIENERMOBILE should visit you using #ForTheLoveofHotDogs and #Contest.  Click here for rules!

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Hotdoggers Wanted

We could say “drivers wanted,” but who we really want are WIENERMOBILE pilots who are skilled at delivering unlimited joy to thousands of people every day. If you have what it takes (a love of people, a winning smile, driving skill, and a desire to crisscross the country), apply here for the coolest job of your life.
Be a hotdogger
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Even if you don’t see the WIENERMOBILE near you, you can always have it on you—in the form of WIENERMOBILE caps, t-shirts, plush toys and other gear. Wear it with pride (and a perfectly grilled hot dog in hand).
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Now even more mobile

Bring the pure grilling joy of the WIENERMOBILE to your iPhone, iPad or Android device. The WIENERMOBILE app features a 360º driving game and updates on the location of the WIENERMOBILE. There’s even a tool to add the WIENERMOBILE to any photo—so go put a lil’ mustard on those selfies.
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