Oscar Mayer Wienermobile
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There is one MINI Wienermobile. An oxymoron? Maybe, but it’s much easier to wrap in bacon.
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The 1969 model featured a Chevy motor home chassis, Ford Thunderbird taillights, and averaged 187 smiles per gallon.
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The 1952 Wienermobile has been living for years in the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, and in our hearts forever.
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The first Wienermobile was created in 1936 by Carl Mayer. Nice job, nephew!
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Six different Wienermobile vehicles crisscross our nation all year, at any given time, like grill marks on a Smoked Sausage.

Smile, it’s the Wienermobile

The Wienermobile has been roaming America’s highways and backroads since 1936, when this majestic vehicle was created by Carl Mayer (Oscar’s Nephew!). In fact there are six WIENERMOBILE vehicles on the road right now. Give us a shout if you see one. Here’s how to know for sure: 1. You’re suddenly smiling more than you have in weeks. 2. The driver is a friendly Hotdogger. 3. It’s a 27-foot-long hot dog on wheels. You can also follow our latest adventures on Twitter and Instagram . When the WIENERMOBILE is in town, life is as tasty as a Chili Cheese Dog.

Smile, it's the Wienermobile

Sighted and Delighted

Where have we been? Where haven’t we. The best thing about Wienermobile sightings is that, unlike Sasquatch, the Wienermobile is real. It’s easy to ride along with all six Wienermobile vehicles, from grill-outs in Seattle to food banks in Shreveport. Just follow us on Instagram or Twitter .

Hotdoggers Wanted

We could say “drivers wanted,” but who we really want are WIENERMOBILE pilots who are skilled at delivering unlimited joy to thousands of people every day. If you have what it takes (a love of people, a winning smile, driving skill, and a desire to crisscross the country), apply here for the coolest job of your life.

Be a hotdogger
Be a hotdogger

Wear It with Pride

Even if you don’t see the Wienermobile near you, you can always have it on you—in the form of Wienermobile caps, t-shirts, plush toys and other gear. Wear it with pride (and a perfectly grilled hot dog in hand).

The Wienermobile, Now even more mobile

Bring the pure grilling joy of the WIENERMOBILE to your iPhone, iPad or Android device. The WIENERMOBILE app features a 360º driving game and updates on the location of the WIENERMOBILE. There’s even a tool to add the WIENERMOBILE to any photo—so go put a lil’ mustard on those selfies.

Wienermobile app