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Oscar F. Mayer

Finding a Better Way Since ’83 (That’s 1883)

Oscar F. Mayer (the actual man; did you know there was an actual man?) began selling quality meats with his brother Gottfried over 125 years ago in Chicago. They ran their small butcher shop with a code we still follow today. Salami hanged to dry for at least 30 days. Bacon smoked for 12 hours over real hardwood. The WIENERMOBILE might be a funny car, but there’s no funny business in our food. Because as Oscar believed, “There’s always a better way.” More than a century later, we’re still committed to finding a better way in everything we do.

Oscar Mayer Yellow Band

The Yellow Band Is Our Gold Standard

Before you grill our Premium Beef Franks or wrap our Applewood Smoked Bacon around just about anything, you might notice something bright on the package: our Yellow Band. It’s been our symbol of quality and fresh taste since 1929, when Oscar first introduced it to differentiate his strict butchering standards from the competition. Now rip open that package, dig into the good stuff, and taste the quality behind that yellow band.


Hard Salami Doesn’t Come Easy

Meet Tim Schnell. He’s an Oscar Mayer Meat Scientist (actual awesome job title). Tim is master of the art and science of quality meat. Join him and Culinary Manager Jennifer Cuccia in our test kitchen as they perfect a new dish and share the secrets to the best hard salami recipe (hint: add the right spice blend, and wait).

Oscar Mayer meat scientist, 1966
Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

“When you bite into it, you can taste that natural smoked flavor. Different temperatures will give you different smoke flavor profiles, so the temperature we pick is very intentional. It’s the way we’ve done it for decades and decades.”

—Tim Schnell, Oscar Mayer Meat Scientist

Quality Meat Begins with Quality Care

Finding a better way goes beyond bold flavors and traditional recipes. It also means partnering with highly respected animal welfare experts. Take a walk from the classroom to the barn with Dr. Kurt Vogel, Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Oscar Mayer is helping Dr. Vogel expand his course offerings to develop the next generation of animal welfare professionals. We believe the future of our industry depends on it.

Animal welfare
Oscar Mayer farmers
Learning about animal welfare

Quality Without Compromise: We Hear You

Every day, we try out new ideas in the OSCAR MAYER Kitchens, and the inspiration often comes from yours. Take a ride with Food Scientist Laura BeVier and Research Manager Meg Hopton as they visit the kitchens of real families and see how parents are cooking now. Laura and Meg turn these insights into real product improvements, with the tastes that families love.

Oscar Mayer Wienermobile


27 feet long. 187 smiles per hour. A moving monument to fun. Join us for the ride.
Bacon makes it better

Bacon Makes It Better

And we’ve been making bacon better for over 90 years. See all our varieties.