Oscar Mayer Institute for the Advancement of Bacon

Our Mission

The Oscar Mayer Institute For the Advancement of Bacon (OMIFAB) was founded generations ago, with the mission of creating a better bacon strip and forging a brighter bacon future.

Today, OMIFAB is a consortium of the world's greatest bacon minds—innovators, dreamers, artisans—all dedicated to unlocking bacon's deepest mysteries for the benefit of bacon-lovers everywhere.

OMIFAB's Cut, Color, and Consistency Team is generally considered the finest in the Western Hemisphere, and our Hardwood Smoke Specialists recently shattered the flavor saturation barrier—achieving remarkable smokiness through natural means.

About Phil Roudenbusch, Cut & Design Chief

Phil learned at an early age that behind every strip of bacon is a story—one that the sizzle in the skillet doesn't always tell.

As a young man he went through a period of intense introspection, spending years on a worldwide pilgrimage to discover the secrets of mankind's greatest bacon. Today he continues that pursuit as visionary leader of the Oscar Mayer Institute For the Advancement of Bacon.

Phil received both his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Advanced Baconing. He is the youngest ever winner of the Baconeer of The Year Award, an honor he's been awarded a record 17 times.

Phil's Bacon Wisdom