Less Is More Delicious

Less Is More Delicious

The Minimalist Art of Sandwich

There’s a reason we call something we love “the greatest thing since sliced bread.” Sliced bread is fantastic. It’s already sliced: that’s a 47-second time savings right there, a godsend when we’re running out the door with a diaper bag, baby wipes, and hopefully, a baby. Now all we need are the actual sandwich contents. Again, efficiency rules. The idea is to pack the most flavor into the fewest moving parts.

These minimalist dishes are not only elegant in design, they help busy parents save time — while preserving total tastiness. So let’s take a moment between errands to salute streamlined sandwiches.

Deli Fresh Oven Roasted Turkey Breast


For a real time-saver, enlist your kids as your sous-chefs. Grade schoolers can help by washing veggies and cold hard-boiled eggs. Whether you get them saying “Yes, chef” to your every command is entirely up to you.

Clubhouse Sandwich: Calling all Conference Callers

Also known as the WorkingMomWich. Sometime between your 12:30 status call, your 2pm check-in call and your 3pm Pre-K pickup, your stomach calls for a delicious lunchtime bite. So minimize the making and optimize the eating. Organize a meeting of fully cooked bacon, Deli Fresh Turkey, lettuce, tomato, and a dollop of horseradish-Dijon mayo on whole grain toast. In 10 minutes you’ve got a scrumptious, boss-approved lunch break. Pro tip: use the mute button while you munch.
Clubhouse Sandwich: Calling all Conference Callers

Deli Roast Beef and Raspberry Mayo: Keep a Low Profile

Finally, sandwich design and process are completely aligned. And just in time too, because you’ve got 12 minutes to get two kids clicked into car seats. This sandwich is a welcome sight in lunch boxes and briefcases. The streamlined materials are bold choices: Deli Fresh Roast Beef, raspberry jam, mayo, spinach leaves, chopped red onions, and whole wheat bread. You go from prototype to finished product in minutes. And like your smartphone, this sandwich delivers when you’re on the run, with high satisfaction in a low-profile package.
Lose the extraneous elements and let the real stars shine. Tender, thin-sliced honey ham performs a stunning duet with horseradish Dijon.

Fresh Feisty Ham Sandwich: Stripped-down and Savory

Your alarm clock decided to sleep in, your performance review is in an hour, and your 5th grader is still working on her talent show guitar solo. Now’s the time for a stripped-down sandwich. Lose the extraneous elements and let the real stars shine. Tender, thin-sliced honey ham performs a stunning duet with horseradish Dijon. Coleslaw, lettuce and chopped onions provide a crunchy backbeat. Ten minutes later, you and your daughter are ready to rock. Now for that performance review: you are a brilliant sandwich architect (and one cool mom).