When Turkey Met Quinoa

When Turkey Met Quinoa

Food's Hottest Couples

Some dating sites analyze 37 elements of compatibility. But when it comes to smart meals that are irresistibly delicious, your taste buds are the only real test. Go ahead, set up a blind date between Turkey Bacon and Kale. Taste what happens when Selects Applewood Smoked Ham flirts with Avocado.

Here are some of the hottest food couples, ready for a healthy relationship on your table.

Cabbage Hot Dog

Heating Up: Turkey Dogs and Veggie Relish

BBQ Turkey Dogs and Wholesome Veggie Slaw Relish “are totally back together” say friends. They’ve caused a sensation pairing up on a baguette boat, showered in Italian dressing. Veggie Slaw, decked out in grated zucchini and carrots, minced onion and cucumbers and red, yellow and green peppers, looked aglow alongside the Selects Turkey Frank.
Selects Turkey Bacon


If you’re one of those label-readers, we can help you keep it real, and really tasty. (After all, we know the label-writers.) Try Selects Turkey Bacon in your favorite feel-good recipes, and Selects cold cuts with no artificial preservatives.

Party of Two: Bacon and Cabbage

Recently spotted together at exclusive tables in wine country, smoky Turkey Bacon and Crunchy Cabbage, getting savory in a Napa Cabbage Salad. They brought their colorful entourage of chopped red peppers, baby corn, snow peas, and mandarin oranges. This refreshing couple enjoyed a satisfying crunch as well as envious looks from other dishes.
Taste what happens when Selects Applewood Smoked Ham flirts with Avocado.

Meant for Each Other: Turkey Bacon and Kale

When these two hook up, they transform work-a-day sandwiches into something special. They reinvented the traditional BLT and swapped the lettuce for kale. This new BKT is turning up on lunch menus everywhere. Experience it with chipotle mayo for extra kick.