Q: Is this a real dating app? Can I really find my bacon lover here?

A: Yes. It’s real and it’s incredible.

Q: Can I run Sizzl on my Android phone?

A: Right now, you can only Sizzl someone on iPhone. But you can Sizzl the bacon for bacon lovers on any skillet.

Q: Why does Sizzl want to know my location?

A: Sizzl uses your current location to show you bacon lovers nearby. Because the closer you are to a bacon lover, the higher your chances of sparking some Sizzl.

Q: Will the app post on my Facebook page?

A: Sizzl never publishes anything on your Facebook wall. That said, we're obviously in support of you expressing your love for bacon on your own.

Q: How does the “Sizzl-meter” work?

A: Good question. Holding down the Sizzl-meter on a user’s profile indicates your level of interest. The longer you hold, the more Sizzl you feel for them.

Q: Will my matches see how I rated them on the Sizzl-meter?

A: Nope. Whether you give someone a low, medium, or hot Sizzl, it’s for your eyes only.

Q: Someone messaged me and said they don’t love bacon. What should I do?

A: First off, we’re very sorry you had to deal with this. You can tap the three dots on their profile and report them by selecting “Doesn’t love bacon.”