A Guide for Modern Carnivores

Is there ever a reason to leave a PTA meeting early? If you’ve got Smokies wrapped in Butcher Thick-Cut Bacon waiting at home, then yes. Yes there is.

Can you declare a random Thursday in March “Spring Thanksgiving” and feast on CARVING BOARD Turkey Breast and cranberry sauce, in a perfect expression of sandwich gratitude? Yes. Yes, you can.

Any day can be your day to unleash your inner carnivore. Let’s celebrate a few of the year’s unsung meat moments.

Any day can be your day to unleash your inner carnivore.

January 31: Backwards Day

Enjoy your breakfast of Selects Angus Beef Franks. In fact, go all the (backwards) way and make them Chili Cheese Dogs. Sprinkle with cheddar cheese, relish and onions. Welcome you are.

February 17: Mardi Gras

Even if you’re nowhere near the French Quarter, celebrate on Fat Tuesday with bacon. We’re guessing what you want is Butcher Thick-Cut bacon, perhaps mixed in with red beans and rice. Or deep-fried in a bacon beignet. Yes, eat that.

May 10: Mother’s Day

You know who makes the best bacon-egg-cheesy-potato skillet for breakfast, not to mention a scrumptious turkey casserole for dinner? Moms. Why not return the favor and bring some over, with flowers? It’s her day.
A Guide for Modern Carnivores

June 21: Father’s Day

Show dad how much he means to you. Wrapping your present in bacon is perfectly acceptable.

July 1: Canada Day

Canadians are known for their exceptional manners, their hockey prowess, and their high number of comedians per capita. What’s less known is their delicious delicacies. Try wrapping a Selects Angus Beef Frank in bannock—that’s Canadian griddled bread. Or fry up some Traditional Maple Bacon, in the shape of a maple leaf. It’s the tastiest way to warm up for your own Independence Day.

4th of July

Celebrate your unalienable right to grill. Here’s a hot dog topping tip: Try Chicago Style. “Drag it through the garden” with yellow mustard, green relish, sport peppers, chopped onion, pickle spears, tomato, and celery salt. Of course, good ol’ American ketchup is fine, too.
Carving Board Ham


Slow-cooking doesn’t need to slow down your day. From chili to stuffed peppers, many slow-cooked recipes require just 10-15 minutes of morning prep time. When you come home, dinner is waiting.

October 31: Halloween

While you’re handing out fun-sized candies tonight, you can munch on meaty treats of your own: Butcher Thick Cut Bacon wrapped figs, pigs in a biscuit blanket, and turkey tacos.

December 31: Happy New Year!

Your New Year’s Resolution: master the art of slow cooking. But start slow. Have a CARVING BOARD Ham sandwich on toast, with chipotle mayo. It was a very good year.