Live-Snacking the Big Events

From the first red carpet air-kiss to the final rambling acceptance speech, award shows are the best. And by “best,” we mean “best excuse to get friends together and sample delicious meaty snacks.” We love big games for the same reason. Even if the matchup is a blowout, there’s still a heated competition for Best Appetizer.

Talk about popular apps: here is your guide to a more appetizing viewing party.

How to Snack the Awards Show

The Red Carpet:

Start the show with Butcher Thick Cut Bacon-Wrapped, Feta and Almond-Stuffed Dates. You’ll have something amazing to eat when the nominees talk about how “amazing” their designers are.

The Monologue:

The opening jokes always fall flat, but your next dish won’t. Win over the crowd when you debut Turkey Pretzel Sliders with oven roasted CARVING BOARD Turkey.

Now you’ll have something amazing to eat when the nominees talk about how “amazing” their designers are.

Best Song:

The tearjerker ballad always wins. Lighten the mood with some Triple Cheese Hot Dog Mac .

Best Picture:

While the winners thank their spouses, agents, and third grade teachers who always believed in them, you’ll have time to unveil your critically acclaimed Tropical Surf and Turf, with smoked bacon and pineapple chunks. Best Host, get your acceptance speech ready.

Pro Tip

Avoid the pre-game jitters. Make spreads and dips a day or two in advance, cover and refrigerate them. Then just heat them up on game day.

How to Snack the Big Game

The Coin Toss:

The hype is at a fever pitch. Bring out two options for kickoff snacks, and let your guests declare themselves Team Salami Sticks or Team Pepperoni Parmesan Chicken Bites .

The Commercials:

While your friends debate their favorite ads (beer puppies vs. nacho cheese explosions) you can bring out a unanimous winner: Balsamic Laced Bacon Bruschetta.

The Halftime Show:

Will there be a blackout, unscripted crowd-surfing or a wardrobe malfunction? Who knows. But if you’re serving Cheddar, Jalapeño and Bacon Dip and a tray of bacon jerky, there will be happy people on your couch.

Two-Minute Drill:

It’s your countdown to party greatness. Don’t just run out the clock with some old onion dip. Bring out the Artichoke Cornucopias with Hard Salami. Clear eyes, full stomachs, can’t lose!

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